About Us

Glen established Goldwing Kennels in 1982 and has been training dogs for over 45 years, professionally for 40 years. Glen develops an amazing connection with the dogs he works with. Plain and simple,

“Glen understands dogs.” He has spent years developing his training methods and techniques and has an incredible motivational program that results in happy dogs and happy owners. It’s not all work and no play either. After a training session, he can be found spending a few minutes sitting on the grass just hanging out with the dogs. There is not a season goes by without at least one client saying “you sure can see that the dogs love Glen.”

Sandy joined Glen 15 years ago and has become an essential part of the continued business and success of Goldwing Kennels. She keeps clients up to date on all aspects of their dogs training progress and overall care during their stay at the kennel. She possesses a wealth of knowledge about dogs and is dedicated to continued research. She is devoted to maintaining a high standard of care while your “family member” is with them.

Training dogs is a passion at Goldwing Kennels and so is their dedication to working with owners, teaching you how to effectively communicate with your dog, so when back home, you are an efficient working team that only improves with time.