Satisfied Dog Owners

You Sure Sent Home Two Sweet, Well-Behaved Pups

Hi Glen,

I just thought you might enjoy a report from home! Well, you sure sent home two sweet, well-behaved pups with us! They are so incredible. They are calm, well-mannered and very eager to please! That is not to say that they haven’t been testing us a bit, because they have! We are on them though and we are trying hard to do everything as you taught us! We do not give in to them!

We bought some training sticks (similar to yours) and we have one new choke chain (better quality – it was Dudley’s), now we just have to find another one! We have trained with them each day (e-collars on) for about 20 to 30 minutes each! We also do some training on our walks (leash on and with e-collars on), which, the walks by the way, have been soooooooo much nicer… no more pulling!

We passed right by two barking, snarling dogs on our walk last night and brought them in to us, for a “safe zone” heel! I was a little nervous, as this woman’s dogs were really pulling hard to get to Ella and Brinkley! The woman had to pull her dogs up onto the grass and hold on with all her might (she even sat down and dug her heels in the grass – yikes)! Ella and Brinkley just “pranced” past these two snarly dogs like they weren’t even there! They glanced at them, but did not make a move — no pulling, posturing, no lip curls, nothing! We heard the lady say to her dogs, “why can’t you be like that?” Brad and I were so proud of them! Way to go Ella and Brinkley! Glen, you should be so proud of this! You are awesome!

They are going to their new “place” with no problems. That command alone is pure “genius!” I can cook without tripping on them now, yay for me! They are completely gentle with the girls too, much different than before they came to you! All in all, it is going quite well. I am sure we will have our moments and I know for sure, we will have some questions for you! So far though, we are so, so pleased! Sending Ella and Brinkley to you was the very best decision we have ever made in regards to having pets! Thank you so much Glen, what a pleasure it has been getting to know you and watch you work with all your dogs! I will be in touch, as we will likely need some help with some things, as we go along!

By the way, it took them all of maybe five minutes to get re-acquainted with their home. Isn’t that incredible, after being away for three months!

Take care and thank you, thank you, thank you,

Marnie, Brad, Kurstyn, Brenna, Vanessa, Ella and Brinkley C.

P.S. We know they miss you (they look for you each morning), I am sure they always will!”

This Man Knows What He is Doing!

Glen has the tremendous ability to read a dog’s capability, to absorb new things. This maximizes the time spent with the dog during training. This man knows what he is doing!

Fred E.

He is So Fun and Obedient and So Affectionate

Just thought I’d drop you a note with a picture of our wonderful Golden Retriever “Wilson”, that we purchased from you in 2001. He has been (and still is) the best dog and we love him as one of our family. He is so fun and obedient and so affectionate. I teach piano and he loves to welcome and be loved by all of my students and their parents. I’ve attached some of my favorite photos. Thanks so much for maintaining such a great blood line!

Wilson was born June 2001. Sire: Goldwings E Racer. Dam: Cedarpond am I tuff enuff WCX.

P.S. We may be contacting you in a year or so – we’re moving to an acreage this summer and might be getting Wilson a playmate, since he will have so much room to run and chase gophers.

Bob and Danelle